Most common roadworthy inspection fail items listed here:

We have compiled this list so you can check these items prior to booking your inspection and ensuring a much better chance of passing your roadworthy inspection first go.


Not that it matters if you fail because Queensland Transport give you 14 days to remedy and defects and then you can have a mobile re inspection or come to our shop for sign off. At the end of this list we will document how to get these inspected or repaired.


  1. Without doubt the number one fail has to be leaks in the engine bay and mostly valve cover gaskets.
  2. The second most common is the sway bar links have torn boots.
  3. Loose battery or missing battery bracket and or loose battery terminals.
  4. Cv boots are split or loose and leak grease everywhere.
  5. Front lower control arm bushes are cracked or torn.
  6. Tyres have less than 1.5mm of useable tread or visible cracks are present.
  7. Check engine light is on.
  8. Brake pedal rubber does not have enough anti slip material or shows signs or tears or cracking.
  9. Discoloured headlights can be dangerous and are extremely important to a roadworthy.
  10. Cracks or stone chips in the windscreen are a major item we see daily.

 So your car failed a roadworthy or you have read this and want to know how to go about checking or fixing the items here is where to start. Open the cars bonnet and use your torch to inspect the engine for oil leaks.

Qld Transport declare an engine leaking oil onto the ground or exhaust are an immediate fail. We don’t pass cars with oil leaks so a good idea is to buy degreaser from the car parts shop like a Repco or Burson auto parts. Spray the engine and affected areas with a good amount of degreaser and hose off.

Be sure to wash all of the oil away and make sure you check the engine oil level just to be safe. A clean engine and driveline is required to pass your roadworthy inspection.

Sway bar links join the sway bar to the control arms and provide a better feeling when driving. These components have rubber boots and are filled with grease so start your car and turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and right and look behind the wheel to inspect the sway bar links are in good condition. These are not an expensive fix but catch many people out especially people whom recently had a service.

 Car batteries are filled with acid meaning they are classified as dangerous goods. They must have a bracket securing them to the car for a successful roadworthy to pass. The battery terminals also need to be in good condition and need to be tight, if the battery over or the terminals come loose or have a bad connection the car may become stationary and not start. Simply wiggle the terminals back and forth to test if they are tight enough and if not use a spanner to tighten.

Roadworthy check mini
Common Roadworthy Fails 3
Common Roadworthy Fails 5

CV boots also hold grease into the joint so its imperative they withhold all of their grease and keep that well away from the cars brakes. They are a very messy job to do and you should easily be able to spot the loss of grease when you have the front wheels turned to either side at full lock.

 The front lower control arm joins the steering and suspension to the cars chassis and are vitally important to the cars safety and longevity. When the ball joints wear out or the bushes crack and fail it’s time to replace these. Due to their location a qualified person needs to jack the car up to inspect these and more importantly to repair these faults. A common job is to replace the arms with new units and that way you’re just paying the minimal amount for parts and labour. Be sure to have a wheel alignment once this is rectified.

 If you are not sure on your tyres ask a friend who has knowledge or pop into a tyre shop for a free assessment of the cars tyres before you book the roadworthy or mobile roadworthy brisbane. Tyre shops specialise in this field so don’t be afraid to request some advice as it may save you time and money in the long run.

Common Roadworthy Fails 8
Common Roadworthy Fails 7
Common Roadworthy Fails 4

Check engine lights or ABS lights mean there is a fault with the vehicle that a qualified trades person should inspect immediately. Some common fault code be an issue with an airbag, wheel speed sensors, oil pressure sensors or worse. Don’t ignore these important warning signs and have a suitably qualified person rectify today. On occasions we are able to check the fault codes and delete the light with a scan tool for an additional fee. The main thing here is the light does not come back on as this is a fail.

 A brake pedal rubber seems trivial however brakes are the one item you need especially if you need to stop suddenly. These are easy to inspect yourself and are $10 to purchase so check before booking the roadworthy inspection as its a definite fail if these are faulty.

Discoloured headlights especially when they are yellowish and sun damaged can be dangerous as you can’t see swell at night and the oncoming driver may have difficulty seeing you.

In many cases these can be detailed or restored. If you are suspect on your lights email us a picture and we can advise you on the next steps.

 Windscreen chips and cracks can and in many cases get much worse. Most people don’t realise however a cracked windscreen in the drivers field of visions can cause sever distraction which at speed or a moment of concentration can be dangerous. Small chips and cracks can often be repaired cheaply and quickly so do not delay as a small repair can become an expensive replacement if left untreated.

We hope this helps you with helpful roadworthy check tips and happy motoring.

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