Car Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Car in Top Shape, & Avoid Expensive Repairs.

Keep your vehicle in top condition and avoid expensive repairs with our following car maintenance tips:


In these busy times many people are time poor however it is very important to maintain your car. Many people don’t take the time to have their car inspected or maintained. There are many ways a busy person can still keep a vehicle safe without the need of taking valuable time out of your busy schedule.

Here are tips that can make a real difference to car maintenance:

Take your car to a car wash cafe and enjoy a coffee whilst the hard work is being done for you. Have a mobile log book service performed at home or work by a reputable company. Windscreen replacement can also be carried out by a mobile technician and many repairers provide a lifetime warranty these days.

In winter car batteries fail more often than they do in summer so have your battery checked when the colder months arrive to ensure you don’t get stuck. Check the engine oil, if you haven’t done this ask your mechanic to show. Ask a friend to check your brake lights, headlights and indicators.

Learn how to check the tyre pressures, if you need help go to a tyre shop and learn because this quick check can save your life and safe considerable funds should the pressure be incorrectly set or a tyre is deflating.

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Many people get caught out by their car key battery going flat just when you don’t need it so our advice is too request this preventative maintenance carried out at the next car service interval.

Having a thorough log book service is essential to good car maintenance especially with modern cars which are heavily reliant on good battery voltage. Todays cars have so much electronics its now wonder car batteries are getting bigger and bigger and are crucial to car maintenance.

We have several clients who like to watch us service their cars, many businesses aren’t willing to have clients in the workshop where as we are provided they follow a couple of simple rules. We enjoy being able to show people how to maintain their own car. When your car is rendered immobilised for whatever reason we can offer towing back to our shop as a priority service.

Car Maintenance Tips Oil Check
Car Maintenance Tips Battery Check
Car Maintenance Tips Wheel Change

Due to our great geographical location we can obtain parts and specialist advice in a jiffy. Should you need a car loan to procure a new car our network can help.

Offering Openpay to our customers for repairs is also a big help when you don’t expect the bill for example some people do not renew their rego and ask for a roadworthy.

After we have inspected the car and it requires 4 tyres, a windscreen and something else this can be hundreds of dollars so Openpay along with Dr Roadworthy gets you back on the road again.

Final tip is simply ask us for help as our network can assist with most things you and the car of your dreams will ever need.

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