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DR Roadworthy Provides a Complete Mobile Service for your Caravan Camper Trailer and Campervan Motorhome.

Caravan mobile roadworthy certificate from Dr Roadworthy. Buying or selling the family caravan and needing a caravan safety certificate then call us so we can provide this to you 6 days a week at your convenience
Selling caravans is easy and a few simple checks like making sure the brake and indicator lights work, the tyres are inflated and safe, the brakes work and the safety chain has a load rated shackle can be simple ways to ensure your caravan roadworthy is a pass first go.

Quite often people buy an old caravan and have no registration papers or correctly filled in transfer papers which makes the job difficult. Part of the caravan mobile roadworthy process is to identify the caravan via its compliance plate or atleast the VIN or chassis number. So when you are buying a caravan ask for the registration papers even if there is a chassis number welded to the draw bar. Sometimes an old number plate can assist to identify the make and model of a caravan.

Right across the greater Brisbane, Logan, Redlands and Ipswich area Dr Roadworthy is here to help with all Caravan roadworthy certificate requirements.

A caravan roadworthy takes up to 25 minutes to conduct and we issue electronic safety certificates on the spot so transferring of ownership can also be done online now also. Caravan mobile roadworthy from Dr Roadworthy is quick and easy so call today.

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