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Roadworthy Certifcates Brisbane. In Queensland, as in most cities, a Safety Certificate is required while buying, selling, registering or transferring a vehicle. A Safety Certificate is also referred to as a Roadworthy Certificate owing to its use of specifying how “roadworthy” a vehicle is.


  • Cars $99
  • Trailers $88
  • Bikes from $99
  • Caravans $90

We Issue Roadworthy/Safety Certificates

At Dr. Roadworthy, we authorize safety certificates after careful inspection and thorough checking. Vehicle inspectors at Dr. Roadworthy are authorized to check cars, all vehicles up to 4.5tGVM, 4*4’s, and motorcycles. We ensure that you receive the top-most quality of service at a location near or convenient for you.

What Does A Safety Certificate Cover?

The roadworthy certificate issued by Dr. Roadworthy covers basic physical aspects and their conditions. Some common basics covered by our certificate are seats, steering, electrical components, wheels and tires, engines, lights, brakes and its components.

Dr. Roadworthy’s safety certificates cover the basics and offer better buyer protection ensuring vehicles are safe for operation. This ensures that tyres, suspensions, lights and other aspects of the vehicle are in top condition and meet the Queensland Government code of practice.

Importance Of Safety Certificates

As a safety certificate must be valid to sell a car in Queensland. To transfer the registration, to register an unregistered car also requires by law you must have a safety certificate. Without this document, you will not know if the car is safe to drive.

When Is A Safety Certification Required?

A safety certification has to be displayed for any registered light vehicle as soon as you offer it for sale. Here are two instances when you need to display a roadworthy or safety certification:

When you place or display the vehicle in public, offering it for sale

When you list or are planning to list the vehicle for sale on an online website
According to the Queensland vehicle registration process, unregistered or registered interstate vehicles along with second-hand vehicles including motorbikes, cars, trailers, etc. requires to having Safety Certificate.

Why Choose Dr. Roadworthy For Safety Certificates?

Here are some reasons why Dr. Roadworthy has emerged as a trusted, household name when it comes to vehicle services like Safety Certificates:

We do the job without fuss, on time, on budget and remember we are here to help.

Expert Team

The team of technicians at Dr. Roadworthy have 20 years of experience each, they are handpicked to provide great service and technical prowess.

Quality Service

We at Dr. Roadworthy believe that quality is the underlying force in success. Our safety certificates are issued only after careful inspection. All our services go through quality checks.

Customer Satisfaction

We at Dr. Roadworthy have been providing impeccable service to our customers for decades. Out entire working model, is built around the complete satisfaction of our clients and convenient service to all. 

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Roadworthy Certificates Brisbane – Need A Roadworthy Safety Certificate?

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