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Log Book Servicing is one of those aspects of maintaining a car that is often ignored by a majority of car owners.
While maintaining a log book may not be a legal necessity, it sure is an important responsibility and important to maintain the smooth running of your car and also to keep your warranty intact.

At Dr. Roadworthy, we offer a friendly, fully qualified service by experienced mechanics.

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We guarantee an honest, friendly and reliable log-book service every time. Just Check out Some of our Reviews.

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Log Book Servicing Mechancal Expertise

Mechanical Expertise

The team of mechanics and workers involved in all areas of services at Dr. Roadworthy has years of technical and practical experience and are chosen from a group of industry experts.

Log Book Servicing Quality Servicing

Quality Servicing

We at Dr. Roadworthy believe that “quality” is the battle cry of our business. All our services are put through quality checks before reaching the customers.

Log Book Servicing Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We at Dr. Roadworthy have been providing spotless service to our customers for decades. Out workers take their jobs very seriously. The complete satisfaction of our clients and convenient service to all is our motive.


We provide log book services for not only cars but also motorcycles, caravans, trailers, and HVRAS. Benefits of Choosing Dr. Roadworthy To Maintain Your Vehicle Log Book and some reasons why Dr. Roadworthy has emerged as a trusted name when it comes to log book services for vehicles:

Importance Of Maintaining Log Book Services For Your Vehicle

Most drivers are not skilled in the working of their vehicles and do not maintain a schedule for the servicing of their vehicles. The truth that people need to understand is that in order to be able to increase the life-expectancy of a vehicle, it is important to stick to the log book servicing schedule.

Log books are probably the most reliable documents that every buyer will inspect when you decide to sell your vehicle. It exhibits the proper maintenance of the vehicle. Therefore, apart from being an important part of maintaining the safety of your vehicle, keeping an up to date log book service is will prove useful in reaching a higher resale value of the vehicle.

What Is Meant By Log Book Keeping?

Log book servicing is a comprehensive form of vehicle servicing that examines your vehicle while following the manufacturer’s log book schedule and specifications as mentioned in the statutory rulebook.

In order to keep your warranty active, it is important to keep your car in a good working condition and maintain a log book servicing book. Unfortunately, several vehicle owners don’t seem to realize that regular servicing is an important aspect in maintaining the good working condition of a car.

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Alfie Kensit

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"The service I received from Aaron at Dr Roadworthy exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a decent mechanic that is not out to rip you off. Alfie 🙂 "

Edward Widjaja

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"Dr Aaron "Roadworthy" is indeed a "Worthy" Auto Doctor! for those who are in the market of used cars and would like to know what you're buying, I would recommend Dr Roadworthy based on my great experience engaging his PPI service!"

Cyprien Carter

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"Excellent place, really care about doing the best by there customers consistently and know their stuff. no mucking about, no misleading claims. Just awesome service with a smile. I wholeheartedly recommend!."

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