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Safety Certificates made easy by Dr Roadworthy

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Dr Roadworthy makes safety certificates easy, heres how:

Upon arrival you will be greeted with a smile before a thorough and professional inspection is carried out.

Need a Qld Safety Certificate or Roadworthy Certificate urgently then you must call or email Dr Roadworthy now to secure your inspection today. We travel directly to your home or office with mobile eftpos we are fully self sufficient.

Dr Roadworthy inspects your car, bike, small truck, caravan or trailer to comply with Qld Transport’s regulations. We inspect to ensure you and your car are safe to drive on public roads. Following the Government guidelines is our job which we take very seriously as our name suggests.

When your vehicle passes the Safety Certificate inspection we email the certificate to you before we leave. Once you have a safety certificate you can advertise your vehicle for sale, transfer the registration or renew the registration as required, its that easy.

A failed inspection leaves you 14 days to rectify the defects noted and present the car for a final inspection. We keep some minor spares and parts onboard so if we can fix the car onsite we will. Remember safety is key here as we all want to be safe.

Prior to making the booking we suggest check the tyres are in good condition. You should make sure all of the lights, wipers, horn, seatbelts are in working order and no oil or exhaust leaks are noticeable. Remember your car needs to be safe not only for you but for the general public who also drive on our roads.

Should the vehicle you seek a safety certificate for unregistered you are required to disclose this upfront.

13 Aug, 18

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