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Thorough Pre – Purchase Inspections

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Seeking a thorough Pre – Purchase Inspection:

at home or work we arrive ready to inspect or repair all types of light vehicles. These include motorbikes, trailers, cars, 4×4’s and light trucks. Trade Qualified technicians will inspect, diagnose and repair as required. When buying or selling you need Dr Roadworthy to inspect cars or all vehicles to ensure a clear bill of health.

Our job:
At Dr Roadworthy it’s our pleasure to ensure you, your family and the general public are safe with a certified vehicle as per the Qld Transport Legislation. Following this guideline and stringent testing criteria we can certify your vehicle safe for sale in 45 minutes. Assuming the vehicle meets the criteria in the code of practice we email the approved report before we leave. If you’re buying a used car and have concerns on its actual condition you need a Pre – Purchase Inspection, thats where we come into our own to ensure you buy well and not a lemon.

Taking out the guess work:
We take out the guess work, this could save you thousands on potential repairs and maintenance that may have been overlooked or even overdue. Pre – Purchase Inspections are a great way to ensure any car is safe and the value of the asset will not diminish.
We start by inspecting all interior functions such a seat belts, horn, window tint, seats, pedals, windscreen and all of the controls such as the steering wheel, pedals, lights, wipers and washers meet the Government standard. We look under the bonnet and underneath to assess the overall condition of the steering, brakes, suspension, exhaust and driveline are safe. We move onto the tyres and perform a brake test and road test. As part of the inspection we also perform an electronic health check with the scan tool and even check the starter motor, alternator and battery performance.

Wrapping the process up:
On completion we call you to explain our findings and discuss you’re options and thoughts. A comprehensive written report inclusive of photos will be sent at the end of the day to make an informed decision. Our customers love our easy to read straight forward reports providing an additional layer of assurance prior to committing to purchase. If you seek a high end thorough job please book a Pre – Purchase Inspection at Dr Roadworthy today.

14 Jul, 18

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