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Dr. Roadworthy is undoubtedly one of the best Australian companies for distinct high quality car services. Log Book Servicing is a mine field especially when you aren’t up to date, so ask us how we do things differently. Owning a luxurious or high end car further demands someone you trust so being ex Mercedes Benz we understand your dilemma. The most important part is maintaining your car well, ensuring it has a safety certificate and last but not the least, in order to stay safe and make sure your car is worth the money, pre-purchase inspection in inevitable. If you own a car or even plan to buy one, Dr Roadworthy is the best place to be. Being in the industry for a long span of time, Dr. Roadworthy is one of the most pioneer safety certificate and car inspection, maintenance services in Australia. They are considered the best in the market and have completed inspection, maintenance services and issues safety certificates to thousands of cars in Australia. Employing the best experts in the industry, they offer unmatched services every time you reach them.

Dr. Roadworthy offer a wide range of services for all your distinct car requirements at the most affordable prices. The services they offer are:

Safety Certificates: Car safety certificates are extremely important when it comes to the condition and safety of your car. They offer safety certificates to ensure the car is roadworthy and their inspectors check all types of cars upto 4.5 tGVM, 4x4s, motor cycles and many more. A thorough check is done and only post that you are issued a safety certificate. Seats, tires, engine, lights, suspensions etc, everything is checked and covered under this.

Pre-Purchase Inspections: Pre-purchase inspections are conducted by licensed auto technicians who thoroughly check a car and check the condition of the car. They make sure the car health is good or not and no critical problems arise in the future. It helps you to make a better decision prior to buying a car. Each and every part of the car is checked carefully to help you buy a good conditioned car.

Preventive Maintenance: Though it may sound simple, but preventive maintenance is extremely important for your car. Every part of the car is thoroughly checked to ensure you are not the victim of a surprise breakdown, expensive repairs and other known issues that may arise in the future.

Apart from this, they also offer other types of services such as general repairs, log book services, and much more. Visit Dr. Roadworthy now and ensure your car is exactly as you want it to be.

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