Dr. Roadworthy is the first ISO 9001 mechanic in Australia which is waiting for compliance. We abide by the safety rules to make sure that well-being of the employees. Office safety is probably one of the most overlooked aspects but not in Dr. Roadworthy.

Irrespective of how little danger you face in office, proper safety standards and procedures has to be maintained. Many people do not think about the safety while working in an office.

Health And Safety Hazards

Hazards are actually potentially dangerous components or behaviours which can cause an injury or harm to an employee. There are numerous hazards that employees can be exposed to while they are in the workplace. Health hazards might range from various diseases caused by infection which might spread from one worker to another to poisonous chemicals which aren’t maintained or stored. We have safety procedures which help on handling the situations in case of an emergency.

There are certain guidelines laid down by the government to make the employers, as well as the employees understand the negative impact of certain hazards on the workplace and the manner in which an emergency situation needs to be handled. These guidelines help companies which conduct jobs that are potentially dangerous or handle dangerous chemicals by following proper workplace procedure in order to prevent injury or illness.

Safety We Provide

There are guidelines which informs the employees about the potential dangers that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

The safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. We do everything to make sure that they are faced by any problems. We ensure the safety of the workplace that they are working in. We provide an on-board first aid kit. This will enable to attend to any injury caused in the workplace before getting expert help. We also provide a fire extinguisher, one of the most important components to be included in the safety maintenance in a workplace.

We do not forget to offer a spill kit. This is a kit which is used if there is an oil spill or leakage. This kit can also be used other forms of leakage. This helps in preventing dangers that might arise from a spill.

The lives of our employees are important for us and thus, we make sure that they use PPE or personal protective equipment while performing the task. The PPE includes protective clothing, goggles, helmets, and any other garments or helmets. It protects the workers from an injury or infection. There are wheel chocks to make it convenient for the worker to work on a vehicle.

Other safety measures that we provide,

  • Flashing traffic cones
  • Manual handling policy
  • WHS QLD audit approved
  • Proper signage
  • On-board power supply along with a earthquake leakage switch
  • Tagged and tested leads

Since we care for our employees, we provide,

  • Workers compensation of $20
  • Personal injury insurance

We offer an insurance of the customer vehicle and business interruption which keeps us safe from the loss that a disaster might cause.

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