Preventative Maintenance

At Dr. Roadworthy, we believe that regular servicing and Preventative Maintenance of your vehicle is of utmost importance to avoid surprise breakdowns, expensive repairs, and bring up the resale value of your vehicle. We take our service to you, whether you are at work or at home.

What Is Preventative Maintenance?

When it comes to keeping your vehicle from giving you sudden problems and maintaining its good working condition, you have to do more than rotate the tires and change oil every now and then. While these are important techniques are important aspects of preventive maintenance, there are other regular checks like brake inspections, regular engine monitoring, and tire pressure moderations, to name a few. These services are offered by us at Dr. Roadworthy.

These services may sound simple and that is why are often ignored by most vehicle owners. But the truth is that if these simple measures are not taken as a preventive tool, it may cause you some amount of grief. Your car can break down without warning and leave you stranded.

Why Is It Important To Maintain Preventative Maintenance Schedules?

Not more than a few decades ago, vehicle owners were far more inclined towards maintaining a good running condition of their vehicles. One of the many reasons for this that vehicles are now designed to be far more reliable than anyone could have imagined a generation ago. Ironically, this has led to poor maintenance of vehicles which leads to frequent breakdowns due to a variety of reasons.

It is preferable to spend half an hour every month to get the oil changed than have your vehicle commissioned out for days when a major repair comes your way. Therefore, keeping Preventative Maintenance on schedule for your vehicle is very important. This will help you in preventing several serious car troubles like engine or transmission failure. Getting basic preventive services regularly can also improve the fuel mileage of your vehicle.

Therefore, Maintaining Maintenance Schedules Have Three Basic Advantages:

  • It ensures that safety of the vehicle along with that of the operator/driver.
  • It saves the vehicle from extra wear and raises the resale value.
  • It saves time and money on frequent breakdowns and extra expenses.

How To Determine The Preventative Maintenance Schedule?

We at Dr. Roadworthy believe in handling your vehicle with compliance with the car owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. After a proper inspection of your vehicle and the reading and understanding of the owner’s manual, we determine which preventive measures are needed by your vehicle and how often you need to get it done.

Why Choose Dr. Roadworthy For The Preventive Maintenance Of Your Vehicle?

We understand the importance of the proper running of vehicles, the frequent breaking down of which can cause you a variety of problems. This is why we handle vehicles with utmost care, immaculate technical knowledge, and practical expertise. Our employees i.e. workers, mechanics, etc. are dedicated to their jobs and customer satisfaction along with top quality services are our core goals.

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