Pre – Purchase Inspections

What Is Pre-Purchase Inspection?

As our name states we know cars and we take our job very seriously. All Pre – purchase inspection’s are performed by licensed mechanics who are trade qualified. They give the vehicle a thorough look-over and carefully inspect the mechanical and safety prospects of the car. Through a proper pre-purchase inspection the mechanic can bring to light any current conditions or potential issues that could appear in the future. We look for accident damage, service history and a comprehensive vehicle history check highlighting finance, theft or damage. Using advanced tools and machinery we also look deep into the electrical health of a car and if there are any fault codes stored.

Why Is Pre-Purchase Inspection Important?

A pre-purchase inspection is essentially a report clarifying the condition of the vehicle. When you find a car you really like don’t jump in and buy until we give you the all clear. People who rush in put themselves in stressful or even financial situations they cannot undo. We see it every day and know what to look for. Brisbane has a high number of repairable write off’s making their way back onto our streets and unsuspecting buyers snap them up. Whether this is a first car or the car of your dreams any capital purchase should have a level of certainty before commitment.

Included in the Pre-Purchase Condition Report.


History, theft, finance, stolen status or written off accident damage
Body for damage including Rust
Child Restraints
Drive Shafts
Electrical System
Engine fault Codes
Exhaust System
Heater/Air Conditioning
Instruments & Gauges
Log Books
Park Brake
Road Test
Seat Belts
Under Body

The issues and conditions that our qualified technicians spot can only be recognized with an experienced eye and will be overlooked by others. Many buyers are deterred to get the vehicle inspected before buying it but, this is a grave mistake. With little planning and careful execution, the inspection process will take a minimal amount of time and can help you save your money from a bad investment. Better safe than sorry, right?

Why Employ Our Services To Get A Pre-Purchase Inspection?

Our examiners are industry experts having seen the vehicle you are buying in a range of conditions before so we know what to look for.

Here are some reasons why our inspection services will benefit you:

Our technicians and experienced personnel will give you and unbiased and true opinion on the wear of the vehicle. Being Mercedes Benz factory trained we know European cars and how to maintain them. We efficiently conduct a proper and thorough inspection of the vehicle you want to buy. This ensures that you know everything about the condition, wear, and potential risks of the vehicle before investing your money in it. Inspection of the vehicle ensures that you can avoid any unforeseen circumstances and unpleasant surprises.
Our mechanics are more than specially trained personal. Apart from the technical knowledge they have vast practical experience and are adept in using special inspection equipment.

This is why the pre-purchase inspection is one of the most important steps to be taken before the purchase of a vehicle. Once the full-proof inspection is complete, you can have a one-on-one chat with our examiners and get any vehicle-related questions answered.

What Do Pre-Purchase Inspections Cover?

The inspection service offered by Dr. Roadworthy is a comprehensive one. It covers the detailed checking of lights, radiator, suspensions, brakes, seatbelts, engine, paint, seats, electrical systems, and child restraints to name a few. Our examiners also test the condition of the vehicle through road tests.
Why Choose Us?

The team of mechanics at Dr. Roadworthy are not just the employees of the company they are the core of our successful enterprise. Nowhere else will you find a more dedicated group of expert individuals, constantly striving towards quality services and client satisfaction.

Many customers comment they felt we were more professional, friendly and more to point than RACQ vehicle inspections. Many dealers tell us they ban RACQ inspectors as they lose many deals. We are the independent inspector who arms you to make the right choices and provides you evidence to ask the selling party hard questions. In many instances our reports are used to negotiate a sale and often allow you to save money in the long run. You save money by identifying maintenance items that are impending yet aren’t dangerous so you now have the upper hand when buying. Money well spent.

There are 3 types of Pre Purchase Inspections:

Mechanical Check –

only no report or photos $99, mechanical check with report and photos $175


Mobile check – 

includes mechanical check, includes report & photos, includes fault code scan & test drive $199

Platinum check – 

includes mechanical check, includes report & photos, includes fault code scan & test drive, body damage check, PPSR car history check $249

*** All inspections can have an independent safety certificate added for an additional $35.


Buying a used car can be a stressful experience.

How do you choose between appearance and performance?

How do you know that the specifications meet your requirements?

To make the purchasing of any vehicle a breezy experience, Dr. Roadworthy provides you quality pre-purchase inspections.

Remember, you are buying a used piece of machinery and there is always risk involved so have us there with you to guide you home.



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