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Mobile Safety Certificates

Do you need a Safety Certificate:

When you need a mobile safety certificate or mobile roadworthy call Dr Roadworthy for immediate clarification. We cover much of the greater Brisbane area and specialise in quality inspections. Covering all vehicles up to 4,500 kg GVM. We inspect trailers, cars, 4×4’s, small trucks and motorcycles up to a 660cc engine capacity.

Certificate of Inspection – COI

Now we offer customers COI also known as a certificate of inspection. COI Uber drivers or Uber cars ensuring they are safe to be on our roads. Similarly another COI exists for Trucks. We can now inspect heavy trailers and trucks up to 16T. We specialise in small to medium truck fleets requiring annual COI certificate of inspections. Either way a safety certificate has a major emphasis on making sure vehicles are safe. Mobile COI available upon request. Mobile certificate of inspection available today.

What it a safety certificate:

A Safety Certificate clarifies whether your car safe to be on the road. A Safety Certificate is required when a vehicle is unregistered, being sold, transferred between entities and should be obtained before selling a vehicle. An example of what fails a safety certificate is bald tyres. Safety certificates can be provided both mobile or in house.

Whats involved in a safety certificate:

To issue safety certificates the inspector is trade qualified. Inspectors are government approved and must have a clean criminal history. Our team is small yet boasting very talented and caring inspectors there to assist where they can. Once we start looking over a car for example we have a strict list of necessary components to inspect. In addition to overseeing the cars condition we also ensure the identification is clarified.

What we inspection a safety certificate:

  • Identification
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Engine and Drive lines
  • Wheel and Tyres
  • Body and Chassis
  • Modifications
  • Lights and Electrical Components
  • Modifications
  • Brake Test
  • Exhaust Emissions
  • Brake Components
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Windscreen and Windows
  • Seats and Restrains
  • Handbrake Test
  • Road Test

How we conduct inspections:

We come to you in daylight hours or you can arrange a workshop inspection. Safety certificates take only 45 minutes to complete. With portable eftpos facilities we also use the ICO or Inspection Certificates Online service so we can issue certificates on the spot. Everything is about convenience therefore trust all inspection requirements to us at Dr Roadworthy and let us manage the process for you. Inspections are conducted on a flat and level 5m x 3m concrete floor or driveway. The car must start and run. All of the minimum safety requirements we inspect must pass in order to sign off on a cars condition.

Failed Inspections:

You have 14 days from the dated inspection to rectify all defects noted. Upon all defects being rectified please call to arrange a second inspection. All defects or repairs must comply with the Qld Transport Code of Practice. We recommend providing several days notice for requests to re inspect due to appointments already in the system.


Your safety certificate or roadworthy is valid for up to 2,000 km’s or 2 months, which ever come first. Car Dealers certificates are valid for 3,000 km’s or 1 month or which ever comes first. If you are selling a car in Queensland by law it is to be sold with a safety certificate or roadworthy certificate. Unregistered cars do not require a certificate.



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