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Owning a prestigious Porsche motorcar is a luxury many never see so it is vitally important to Service Porsche Brisbane correctly and regularly.

When it comes to maintaining vehicles you should always insist on OEM quality parts. OEM parts are as close to the manufacturers parts in quality and in many cases meet or surpass the stringent quality testing regimes manufacturers specify for their vehicles. With access to high quality parts Dr Roadworthy can service you’re Porsche in Brisbane with genuine and non genuine alternatives often much friendly to our customers budget.
Utilising only fully synthetic engine oil as recommended we understand what needs to be done to protect the investment in a Porsche motor car. Recently we serviced a Porsche Boxster for a log book service and we loved it. During the service we conducted a safety check on this vehicle and noted the driveshaft boots had failed and the brakes were also due for replacement. Repairing the Porsche Boxster wasn’t easy however as we have done this work before we know all the little tricks to make things flow just that bit smoother and get the job done right, first time every time.
Porsche Service Brisbane - Brakes
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Porsche Service Brisbane - Engine

We started by changing the spark plugs which were due and so were the air and fuel filters. Letting the engine cool down before this work was very important to the Porsche’s design characteristics. The spark plugs on these cars are difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. At service time we also test the clutch operation and road test the vehicle. On the test drive we are required to bed the new brakes in so they are at optimum performance when the customer picks the car up at te end of the day. Porsche Service Brisbane doesn’t need to be expensive so bring your pride and joy to us for all Porsche Log Book Servicing in Brisbane region.

Porsche motor cars and rear engine arranged so the bonnet is actually the boot and is where you store things like luggage and your weekly grocery shop. This rear engine design is a unique Porsche trait and the bloodline has thrived in many forms of motorsport claiming world championships across all of the many categories. These rear engine designs allow a particularly special handling style unique to another other vehicle manufacturer in the entire world.

On a previous job we had the pleasure of removing the drivetrain to replace the clutch on a 1979 Porsche 911 and gee that was fun. The clutch kit we sourced was complete with a new flywheel and crank seal, it even came with brand new bolts which is special to the German philosophy and thats why we enjoy working on German cars.

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Porsche Service Brisbane - Car

When you think of having a supercar like a Porsche serviced you think of a cold and wintery day in Europe and of course that would be extremely expensive however its the opposite here in Brisbane with our beautiful climate and cost effective service work still performed to the manufacturers specifications without the hefty price tag.

Porsche engines are also a special design in flat six configuration with turbo and naturally aspirated options. They make a very unique sound and we love that sound here at Dr Roadworthy. Our experience with these engines includes having a special sump plug to service these lovely cars. Using the correct engine oil is very important to a quality service being performed. So remember when it comes to a Porsche Service Brisbane just call us for great service and the knowledge to ensure a great outcome.

Performance is guaranteed when purchasing a prestigious Porsche motor vehicle. That feeling of sitting down low to the ground and steering those wonderful works of art is second to none in these German masterpieces. With their breathtaking sound and handling characteristics you just cannot describe the sensation of handling a sports car like this around town. For a truly special feeling you need to drive a Porsche.

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