Our Suppliers

We know that in order to provide good services, we need to focus on supplier management. Companies tend to focus on the loyalty of the customers but that isn’t the only relationship that needs to be nurtured by a company. Having a good supplier is important for business to thrive.

Suppliers can have a great impact on the services that we are offering. The components that are supplied by the supplier can have a positive or negative on the end product or service. We make sure that our supplier provides high quality components so that we can ensure customer satisfaction.

How We Select Our Suppliers

Selecting the proper supplier for a particular item can be quite challenging. This is the reason before we opt for a supplier we take into account certain considerations which has been given as follows.

Time Delivery of the Products: The timely delivery products enable us to provide the services on time. Thus, the customers can rely on us for the Safety Certificate they want to obtain. We make sure that you enjoy the services that we provide.

Affordability: Our suppliers offer us products at a low-cost and thus, we are able to offer you services at an affordable price.

Environmental Friendly Products: We make sure that our supplier provide us items that are environmental friendly because we know the importance of the maintaining the environment. We understand that hazardous products can pose a threat to the ecology of the earth. We make use of products that are biodegradable and are recycled.

The Suppliers

  • Twin Eagle Imports: Our supplier that offers us with special automotive tooling is provided.
  • Valvoline: They are the supplier of the oil that we use in our services.
  • AUTB: They provide us with the ute tray and canopy is provided. This is a traditional passenger vehicle along with a cargo tray in the rear. This enables us to carry your vehicle safely to our work place.
  • Red Flag: They offer us high quality tool boxes.
  • Springwood Nissan: This supplier provides the vehicle for transportation.
  • Repco: They are the provider of the parts required to provide the Safety Certificate.
  • Alpine Sign; The sign writing and the stationery design are provided this company.
  • KPD industries: For the suspension we rely on this company.
  • Mark Websites: They helps in the development of the website.
  • Mad Dog Lola: They take care of the digital advertising.
  • Twin Eagle Spiel and Link: They provide us with the tools required for the services.
  • Beaurepaires Brown Plains: They offer the tires needed for providing better services.
  • Torque Money and Spiel Link: They handle the finance related matters.
  • Airmac: The compressors and the generators are provided by this company.

We choose our suppliers carefully so that we able to provide quality services to our customers. After all, we aim to provide the best to our customers.

If you are need of the services that we provide or if you want to know more about our company, give us a call now.

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