General Repairs

We know that your car is probably one of the most important items in your possession. Maintaining cars with regular log book services, brake pad and rotor replacement can be difficult as we are all so busy. You need to go to work, drive your kids to school, and we all know how much grief an untimely break down can cause. So what can you do to prevent this? The answer is routine general repairs. Whether at home or the office Dr Roadworthy specialises in Log Book Servicing and general repairs. We inspect and diagnose all makes and models. Our technical library is full of the latest and greatest data so we can fix your car quickly and precisely.

You must not wait for your car to breakdown completely before you come to us. Our mechanics at Dr. Roadworthy are adept in handling general, small auto repairs that ensure that you do not have a major ungainly experience with car break down and then have to go through expensive repairs.

While servicing your vehicles, we use top quality products and parts and ensure that no harm is done to your vehicle. We do not carry out repairs without the consent of the owner and strive to provide a satisfactory car service.

Log Book Servicing:

We ensure that general servicing and repairs take place according to your log book records. Following Log Book servicing correctly ensures the schedule is maintained and the vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty is kept intact. If you have a new car we can help and maintain its new car warranty without compromise. Having access to Boyce’s Autolibrary we know what your car needs and when. Boyce’s is used by all major chains across Australia and we are proud to use their software.

European Car Service / European Log Book:

As Mercedes Benz factory trained we specialise in European car repairs and servicing. Our customers have many european brands of cars and enjoy maintaining all of them.

Brakes, Brake Pad, Brake Pad & Rotor replacement:

Brake pad replacement comes up every couple of years and these days we are spoilt for choice. With so many manufacturers its hard to narrow the search down. We recommend using Bendix brake pads wherever possible. For European cars we use either genuine parts or OEM equivalent like Textar which make and supply brake pads to Mercedes Benz. Brake rotors generally get replaced every second set of brake pads. There are again many choices however using we use DBA, genuine or Textar OEM equivalent brake rotors. The need for rotor machining is diminishing and these days rotors are much cheaper then they were a decade ago. Brake rotors replacement can be conducted at your home or office however we recommend to this at the workshop.

Water Pump Replacement:

Water pumps fail when you least expect them too. Whether it be a Holden Commodore or an Audi A5 electric water pump we can help. Without the water pump you will do serious damage to an engine. As part of the log book service manufacturers will recommend replacing water pumps every 100,000 km or so. The water pump is there to move coolant throughout the engine and assist in the cooling process. Every 2 years manufacturers recommend replacing the cars coolant unless it’s running long life coolant. Make sure you change the coolant or have a coolant flush alongside regular servicing. A coolant flush can take as little as 20 minutes and make a huge difference to the longevity of the entire cooling system. Radiators over time become less effective due to sediment so regular coolant flush intervals are recommended. We change many radiators on cars and notice poor coolant health across the board. Look after your cooling system including the radiator and water pump with regular coolant flushes.

Starter Motor:

When you can’t get going it can be many things. However when a starter motor fails there is only one thing to do. When it comes to replacing starter motors our team will diagnose and replace the faulty unit quickly. With several leading suppliers here in Brisbane finding several options isn’t hard. Without a starter motor you are going nowhere so call us for assistance today.


Alternators charge a cares battery whilst the engine is running. If the charge from the alternator is less than the draw on the battery by the car the battery will go flat. Should a battery be run low it can fail. Modern cars require good voltage of 12v consistently so if the alternator cannot top the battery up we have a problem. Dr Roadworthy has expertise in supplying and fitting alternators across many makes and models .

Stering & Suspension

As we inspect a large number of cars we see many faults. Common steering and suspension faults are cracked or failed bushes. Regularly sway bar links fail also. Shock absorbers can leak or they may lose their ability to dampen the force of keeping the wheels on the ground. Should either of these cases occur the car will fail a roadworthy. Many people are not aware that worn out shock absorbers can considerably increase a cars stopping distance. Increasing a cars stopping distance can be fatal so ensure to ask for a free analysis.

CV Joint & CV Boots:

On many 4×4 cars we see cracked or failed cv boots. The boot keep grease inside the joint so it lasts the distance. Also the boot is designed to keep dirt from entering the joint which can cause failure. Part of a roadworthy inspection is to ensure these components are in a serviceable condition. Quite often cv boots may be a precursor to the shafts requiring replacing.


We provide the free service of checking tyre pressures. We also inspect and prevent other potential problems that a defective tyre can cause. Our network has several stores catering to all motorists needs. An affiliated store is from Australia’s largest tyre suppliers network so getting tyres is easy. Ask us how we can help your find quality tyres to keep you safe.

Roadworthy Inspections:

This task is an important part of keeping your vehicle is a good working order. We also provide Safety Certificates also known as Roadworthy’s. These are required for several reasons however most importantly your car is safe to drive.

Pre-Purchase Inspections:

While buying a used car you need to find out a lot more about it than going by its appearance. We provide careful inspection and impartial opinions, to help you decide if you are getting a fair offer. Having saved many a used car buyer from costly repairs or buying a repairable write off trust us to keep you safe.

Holiday Pre-Travel Safety Checks:

So you have decided to take a road trip with your friends or family. How will you know if your car is fit enough to take the brunt of a long journey? This is why we provide safety checks to ensure that you travel freely and without car troubles.


At Dr. Roadworthy, our mechanics are experts in inspecting vehicles are finding out the problems and potential problems with its working. With scan tools, 24/7 diagnostic support and electronic data back up we find the fault quickly and determine a remedy.

Safety Certificates:

After proper inspection and checks we issue safety certificates which are especially useful if you decide to resell your vehicle.

Fleet management:

Apart from single vehicles, our mechanical team is adept in inspecting and maintaining the smooth running of fleets of vehicles. Our customers run small hatchback fleets right up to maintaining a fleet of 10 prime Movers and semi trailers. Utilising premium parts and fluids we keep you running for longer. Flexible options available to allow you to focus on what you do best. Leave the work to us at Dr Roadworthy when it comes to fleet maintenance.

Trailers and Caravan Repairs:

At Dr. Roadworthy, we believe in providing our customers with a comprehensive service. This is why, besides cars and motorcycle repairs, our mechanical team has the technical and practical knowledge to deal with trailer and caravan repairs as well.

Why Partner With Us?

The services we provide are specially managed and all products used by us are safe and Australian Standards approved for your vehicle. Here are few other reasons why we have become the most trusted name in our field:

Roadside Assistance:

With 3 x mobile service units we can offer small fleet and daily drivers world class support. Should we not be able to get the car going due to many reasons rest assured we have you covered. An affiliated company specialises in Towing so we can get home or to our shop for repairs. We have PPE and safety equipment such as witched hats and beacons to provide a safe area.


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