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Owning a prestigious Mercedes Benz motor vehicle is a privilege not many have experienced nor will they. When it comes to caring for your Mercedes there are many options for example expensive dealership servicing or you could take it to the local garage and hope for the best.

There is however another option and trust Dr Roadworthy to provide Mercedes service log book servicing. Aaron served his apprenticeship with factory training from Mercedes Benz back in Sydney. Part of this training was quarterly seminars where the expectation was a pass mark of no less than 85%.

Mercedes Benz log book servicing is difficult I won’t lie, it’s more involved than a Toyota for instance as we hand tighten wheel nuts, we remove organic matter from under the hood, whilst we are there we ensure the battery terminals are tight and in good condition. Further more we adjust handbrake mechanisms or even fill the washer bottle and add a cleaning solution before we refit the cap. Lubricating the door check straps and much much more makes servicing a Mercedes Benz so much more involved but you always notice a difference.

Dr Roadworthy are trusted by many interstate buyers to inspect and service European cars and we love providing cost effective high quality and independent services to the public.

We have specialist technical data for specifications, procedures and capacities allowing us to perform high quality Mercedes Service log book servicing for you.

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Alfie Kensit

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"The service I received from Aaron at Dr Roadworthy exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a decent mechanic that is not out to rip you off. Alfie 🙂 "

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"Dr Aaron "Roadworthy" is indeed a "Worthy" Auto Doctor! for those who are in the market of used cars and would like to know what you're buying, I would recommend Dr Roadworthy based on my great experience engaging his PPI service!"

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"Excellent place, really care about doing the best by there customers consistently and know their stuff. no mucking about, no misleading claims. Just awesome service with a smile. I wholeheartedly recommend!."