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Avoid unexpected expenses or disappointment when purchasing your used Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes Benz factory trained technician to carry out the inspection, mechanical check, road test, scan tool analysis, condition photos, written report, PPSR report, brake fluid analysis, coolant analysis, engine & transmission oil analysis if applicable, minor accident damage and re spray inspection (up to 1 hour onsite)

For high quality Mercedes Pre Purchase Inspection call Dr Roadworthy today for mobile service. Our skills go way back to being Mercedes Benz factory trained in Sydney and serving time as an apprentice learning the german ethos.

Buying a mercedes or mercedes benz in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich or Redlands then you need a pre purchase inspection. German engineering is an amazing thing so when you wish to buy a used mercedes get it thoroughly looked over first.

Our technicians have scan tools to look at the car’s electronic health and we can look for oil leaks or other items that may require costly repairs as we know what to look for. We love mercedes benz cars and light commercials just like you so call us to make sure you the car your buy has been throughly checked over by us.

Even simple jobs like servicing a mercedes benz can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing but lucky we understand what’s required to maintain a mercedes to a high standard. Investing in a luxury car can be daunting so trust Dr Roadworthy the pre purchase inspection specialists.

Buy a used car without the risk and trust us to conduct high quality pre purchase inspection across Brisbane today. Call for expert advice and independent verified inspections for all Mercedes Benz.

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"The service I received from Aaron at Dr Roadworthy exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a decent mechanic that is not out to rip you off. Alfie 🙂 "

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"Dr Aaron "Roadworthy" is indeed a "Worthy" Auto Doctor! for those who are in the market of used cars and would like to know what you're buying, I would recommend Dr Roadworthy based on my great experience engaging his PPI service!"

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"Excellent place, really care about doing the best by there customers consistently and know their stuff. no mucking about, no misleading claims. Just awesome service with a smile. I wholeheartedly recommend!."