Dr. Roadworthy works closely with Legacy. We work to ensure that our services are provided to the people offered their life for the community as a sign of gratitude.

What Is Legacy?

Legacy is actually a voluntary organization which provides services to almost eighty thousand families of the veterans who are either dead or have given up their health for others. At present, Legacy is extending their compassionate services and provides assistance to more than eighty thousand widows and about eighteen hundred children and dependents who suffer from the problem of disability.

Legacy is a voluntary organization that is survives due to the support of the veterans, women, services, and volunteers participating from different walks of life. As a matter of fact, the support and services have been extended in order to include dependents of the member of Australian Defense Force of present times who lose their health and lives for providing military services to people.

Legacy works to enhance the lives and the opportunities of the families through the practical and innovative programs which are aimed at.

  • The protection of the basic needs of the families, as well as the individuals.
  • Advocating for the rights, benefits, and entitlements.
  • Providing assistance to the people with the help of bereavement.
  • Helping people to survive, irrespective of their loss and adversity.

There are more than 5900 volunteers around Australia who serves as the mentors to the widows and also their families who work to ensure Legacy’s promise to look after the family member of the deceased veterans is maintained.

How To Get Involved With Legacy?

We at Dr. Roadworthy ensure that the Legacy can live up to their promises. You too, can get involved with Legacy like many other people. Legacy offers this opportunity to people of all ages, backgrounds, and genders to get together and support the families of the war veterans. Here are some ways you can be a part of Legacy.

Donate: Legacy is dependent on the financial support of the community. You can extend your support and become a part by offering donations. Your support will make sure that Legacy continues with the support and care of the needy families.

Leave a Bequest: In order to carry out the important works, Legacy relies on the contributions made by the community. Bequests are responsible for a significant part of it. If you make a bequest to Legacy in your will after considering your family, you will be remembered by the community and will be able to leave a lasting legacy that will continue making a difference in future.

Legatees: Previously legatees were returned servicemen. However, today Legacy accepts and welcomes membership enquires from all walks of life. If you are keen on helping the widows and families serving as a mentor and a sound board then become a Legatee.

Volunteer: Legacy is always looking for volunteers who will work and provide assistance to our annual national appeal. Volunteers are required for collecting donations, providing administrative support, and providing pro bono assistance.

Fundraise: You can create your fundraising activity or take part in some event and select Legacy as the preferred charity.

Sponsorship: You can become a corporate partner of legacy and thereby demonstrate the outstanding corporate social responsibility. If you want to make a difference in your community you can send in your application.

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