Eco Friendly Green Tick

At Dr. Roadworthy, we make sure that we provide our services using products that are Eco Friendly Green Tick. You are all aware of the literal meaning of eco-friendly. The world has evolved into a place where disasters, pollutions, and diseases are spreading to a great extent. In such chaotic situation, it is important for us to take the initiative to preserve the earth and the living things surviving on it.

Thus, we use ecofriendly products which are produced to benefit the mankind. These products help in saving money of the consumers. The eco-friendly products are used so as to reduce the pollution. This is one of the main reasons that these products are manufactured with the help of materials that are recycled. When it is produced from new raw materials it increases pollution and different kind of environmental hazards. In the recycled raw materials different components like eco-friendly chemicals are used. It also uses a different processing and it is after this that the product is released to the market.

Why Is It Important To Use Eco Friendly Products?
As you already know, these products are used for overcoming the environmental hazards and helps in reducing the pollution of the environment. Using hazardous products and disposing them can lead to pollution and many toxins are released into the environment which is harmful for the survival of mankind.

As a matter of fact, using such hazardous elements can also mean that you have to face challenges of the shortage of different resources like raw material, resources, and many other things. Thus, we make use of eco-friendly products for keeping our ecology and our resources safe.

Also, eco-friendly products cost you much less than the normal ones. Another aspect of these products is that they are sustainable. We understand that if we do not make our move towards eco-friendly alternatives, we will be surrounded by toxins and pollutions very soon.

Elements That We Provide
We, at Dr. Roadworthy, have ensured the use of Eco Friendly and Australian made biodegradable elements which includes degreases inox, tire shin, and hand cleaner.
We offer you a fully bundled service vehicle.
We provide a spill kit with the vehicle. A spill kit is actually a collection of items that are to be used if there is an oil spill or leak in the car. It can also be used for other discharges of oil. Spill kits are provided so that you are able to take prompt actions and clean-up immediately after a spill.
We also provide SDS. This is an important component which will help you with the spill handling procedures. It catalogues information on the chemicals, chemical mixtures, and chemical compounds. It includes the instructions for safe use and potential hazard which is associated with a certain product or material.
We offer pump sprays so that you can avoid aerosols whenever it is possible.
We are extremely responsible towards the environment and do the needful to make sure that our products do not impose any environmental hazard. All the products that we use are supplied by Tollman in Laverton Vict.

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