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The Dr Roadworthy Story

In the earlier years Legacy was there to provide Aaron and his mother with much needed support with schooling and scouting fees along with providing life long memories such as working in an underground coal mine and cruising on a coal tanker in Wollongong Harbour.

In 1995 the charity (Legacy) purchased Aaron his first toolbox on the condition he finished his apprenticeship. Aaron started his time in the automotive industry with Mercedes Benz where he learnt an eye for detail among many more high achieving traits.

Moving up through the ranks leadership opportunities created opportunities to grow and learn many new skills across a broad range of employers and industries while maintaining a grass roots mechanical focus.

With an inquisitive enduring mind Aaron loved the trade and understanding how things worked and more importantly how people worked.

Spanning a career of more than 20 years from the humble workshop floor through to senior management roles the key drivers were always to provide fair product or service for a fair rate.

Dr Roadworthy Mobile Mechanics

Today Dr Roadworthy operates under the core values of its family owners combining relationships, customer experience, transparency and trust.

We encourage the community to get behind us so we can make a change whether that be raising funds for Legacy or creating sustainable employment opportunities for those who have served in any capacity being Police, Fire, Ambulance or Military we wish to create a platform allowing people in or back into the workforce making the community just that little bit stronger. Many hands make light work.

The tools and toolbox bought for Dr Roadworthy are still in use today so please support us so we can support those who serve the community..


  • Onboard cashless payment system
  • Use of pump sprays not aerosols where possible
  • Fully self-sufficient mobile service
  • A fresh & professional approach in the modern automotive industry
  • Use of biodegradable environmentally friendly products where possible
  • Onboard technical library
  • We support those who support the community (Returned Service Personnel and all public servants)
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OH&S Policy

  • Beacon
  • PPE
  • Spill Kits
  • Vehicles fitted with First Aid Kits
  • Manual Handling Policy
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Wheel Chocks
  • Traffic Cones
  • Danger signage & more

Fully insured covering:

  • Faulty Products
  • $10M Public Liability
  • Test drive Insurance
  • Personal Injury to employees

Dr Roadworthy Mobile Mechanics

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Alfie Kensit

Dr Roadworthy Google Review Alfie Kensit  

"The service I received from Aaron at Dr Roadworthy exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone looking for a decent mechanic that is not out to rip you off. Alfie 🙂 "

Edward Widjaja

Dr Roadworthy Edward Widjaja Google Review

"Dr Aaron "Roadworthy" is indeed a "Worthy" Auto Doctor! for those who are in the market of used cars and would like to know what you're buying, I would recommend Dr Roadworthy based on my great experience engaging his PPI service!"

Cyprien Carter

Dr Roadworthy Google Review Cyprien Carter  

"Excellent place, really care about doing the best by there customers consistently and know their stuff. no mucking about, no misleading claims. Just awesome service with a smile. I wholeheartedly recommend!."

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